Bailey Nielson
Holistic Healing

By April Streeter

“Bode Wellness CBD is multi-faceted,” said Bailey Nielson, a health and healing coach based in Salt Lake City, Utah. “It can truly help with the multiple challenges people face.”

Nielson should know. By her twenties, she had struggled with anxiety, difficult and painful menstrual cycles, attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and post-traumatic stress. 

Nielson had tried a laundry list of mainstream pharmaceuticals for these various health and wellness challenges. “I had tried Ambien, Prozac – you name it, I was on it,” she said in an interview. “I just didn’t know better how to help myself.”

A few years ago Nielson, now 29, decided to take charge, with help, of her own healing. “I wanted to treat my overall health and well-being holistically,” she said. 

She studied which herbs and supplements she felt would best benefit her and decided that CBD was a promising piece of her personal wellness puzzle. “After research it was something I felt comfortable putting in my body.”

She wanted CBD to work together with other practices she had integrated into her life. She adapted her diet to be cleaner and greener, and also incorporated yoga, breath work, meditation, and journaling into her daily self-care practices. 

Bailey’s recipe for being her best

  • Bodē Wellness Extract 1500
  • Bodē Wellness Relief Balm
  • Adaptogens (specifically ashwagandha & reishi)
  • Turmeric & ginger 
  • Elderberry & echinacea (immune boosting)
  • Vitamin C, D & B12 
  • Soy free Omega-3, zinc & Magnesium Glycinate
  • Yoga
  • Breath work
  • Meditation
  • Journaling
  • Checking in 

The biggest benefits she received from dosing with Bode Wellness 1500 Extract was in reducing anxiety and decreasing headaches. 

This was especially important to Nielson as she developed her busy and successful personal coaching practice, with many of her clients dealing with stress and deep-seated trauma issues.

“I can be more at ease, and at peace regardless of the topics we are dealing with in coaching,” she says. “I am holding space for my clients and CBD along with my other practices help me to do that – to be calm, collected, and grounded.”

Nielson also found considerable relief from her menstrual pain, especially after she kept close track of her cycles and adjusted her CBD dosage accordingly.

“With the intensity my cramps I used to have to call in to work – I did Epsom salt baths and drank raspberry leaf tea, but nothing worked in the way and at the level that I needed it to.”

Nielson now uses Bode Wellness Relief Balm in addition to a maximum dose of 12 drops of 1500 Extract on the first days of menstruation. 

“I check in with myself every day to see where I am at, with anxiety or any feeling of being overwhelmed,” she said, “and I adjust accordingly.”

She did not have access to Bode Wellness CBD when she first weaned herself from pharmaceuticals, but said she feels this is one of the undervalued roles CBD has to play in people’s health and wellness.

“There’s another way,” she said, referring to the ability for people to develop a healthful regimen that includes CBD rather than necessarily needing to depend on pharmaceuticals.

“The most important thing is consistency,” she said. “There is some dosage experimentation that happens at the start of using Bode Wellness.”

Nielson said that her experience has been that people give up too quickly or are too sporadic in their wellness practices and in their CBD usages, and that the most long-lasting and satisfying results come from consistent daily dosing.

“We don’t wait to brush our teeth until we have cavities,” she said. “I feel you must be loyal and consistent to your regimen to get the long term benefits. I’ll be honest, I take a lot of supplements. I wouldn’t have CBD be the only tool I would use.”

Nielson said she feels like her near-daily use of CBD along with the other things she does has helped her achieve strong and lasting holistic health. “I don’t have to go to the doctor much and I don’t get sick much. CBD is part of the immune-boosting part of my regimen along with all of its other benefits.”

With a busy coaching practice and a busy life, Nielson is loyal to what she found has worked to make her productive herself so that she can give to her coaching clients.

“Bode Wellness CBD is part of the day-to-day self care that works for me.”

Interested in working with Bailey as a coach? Email her at and follow her on Instagram @coachingwithbailey.

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