My Story

Bodē’s Path to Wellness

In my experience, wellness has been a lifelong pursuit. As an adult, I’ve followed many paths toward mental, emotional, and physical balance with varying levels of success.

In my 40’s, I set out to wean myself from 20 years of pharmaceutical drug dependency.

In 2015 my marriage ended, and after a few tumultuous years of shame and blame, I struck out on my own – leaving Portland, Oregon for the majestic mountains of Colorado.

I went in search of a more rural, less stressful existence. When I arrived on the Western Slope of Colorado I found not only vibrant communities but also an idyllic location to grow high-quality CBD (cannabidiol).

I recognized that hemp was a business opportunity. What I didn’t yet know was that it would become central to my quest for balance.

With access to high quality, full-spectrum CBD hemp extracts, I started experimenting with daily supplementation. Before long, I realized CBD was helping me achieve health and homeostasis – aiding me in getting off pharmaceuticals, which I successfully accomplished last June.

This personal milestone, combined with my having begun to root down in Colorado – growing and sharing organically-grown Colorado hemp – created a meaningful life direction for me.

And yet, as I recently experienced this winter, having CBD in my wellness tool kit doesn’t mean I’m invulnerable. After a vibrant year of sharing the love of Bodē Wellness extracts and topicals, I still found myself suffering from seasonal depression.

To get back to balance required what I now experience as the concentric circles of health and wellness.

The first circle includes self-care: good food, sleep, and quality supplements including ‘Liquid Gold’ 1500 Extract. Also physical activity such as yoga, dancing, breathwork, sensual activity, hiking, biking, hot springs, and being in nature. This circle even encompasses attention to hygiene, daily affirmations, and body care – pain-relieving Relief Balm, for example, on a healing knee.

The next circle involves personal action: how I show up in the world for those I care about, my tribe. One circle out is caring for the commons, promoting sustainable and regenerative practices and giving back to my larger community. For me, this includes supporting regulations and political actions that further the hemp industry, and by extension, humanity.

Hemp offers a real opportunity to help reduce our dependency on both the pharmaceutical and oil industries. We can lighten our ecological footprint as well as lessen our reliance on toxic products and non-renewable sources of energy.

In my experience, the potency and power of hemp are undeniable. By making hemp-derived CBD a part of my life, I have deepened my connection to the natural world and am finding renewed balance and new opportunities to thrive. Wellness is our birthright – and my prayer and purpose is that the opportunity to thrive is made available for everyone.

Let’s together make it so.

Thanks for coming to this path of wellness. Please do use this link to share your story.

In joy,

Bodē Loebel, Owner/Farmer
Bodē Wellness