Hemp Invest Fest 2018

Hemp for Wellness!  Hemp for America!

Please JOIN US  October 11-14, 2018 in Telluride for this BW sponsored Business of Hemp Event.

We will be focusing on how wellness can be impacted in America when good companies and friendly investment team up to create healthy, sustainable products!

This is shaping up to become a potent and valuable gathering – and it’s only a month away so RESERVE your place today! 

It will be an amazing set of events bringing together wonderful people to enjoy yoga, meditation, CBD products, and together create a new plan to support hemp and wellness across the land – justice, freedom and equality for all. BE IN TELLURIDE OCTOBER 11 – 14.

Questions about the event? Contact us at [email protected] or call 970-919-0088. We are happy to provide answers and try our best to support your way here to us – the gathering begins October 11 at 4:21pm!

 Details for Attending:

If you are planning on attending, make sure to REGISTER your spot at the Hemp Invest Fest by GOING HERE

Then secure your Telluride accommodations for Thursday and Friday night. (All events for these days will be in Telluride.) Lodging option in Telluride-and/or Ridgway include hotels, hot springs, spas and even camping. Links provided below to help you get started.



Suggestions for hotel accommodations:

For Thursday and Friday nights we recommend Historic New Sheridan Hotel and Camel’s Garden Hotels.

Camel’s Garden is offering a 20% discount when you mention “Hemp Invest Fest”.


New Sheridan is slightly more centrally located to morning yoga 🧘🏽‍♂️ and is the official hotel of Hemp Invest Fest. Either location is beautiful and comfortable – other options exist in town too.


If your interested in Saturday night hot springs outing option, you may choose to sleep in Ridgway Saturday night – Chipeta, Adobe or Orvis are good hotel options.




Camping options:



For those who prefer sleeping outdoors or are looking to spend less on lodging, Town Park Camping is a great option.

Please Note: The possibility of freezing night time temperatures is highly likely- but hey if you’re hearty then by all means  bring a warm sleeping bag.

This park is well located, well maintained and within walking distance (two block or half mile) from all the event activities.

Local transport:

Flying into and out of Montrose (MTJ) is recommended – United and American Airlines service this airport.

Note: For those with access to private planes, Telluride Airport is an excellent option.

There are shuttle vans services available from MTJ to take you to Telluride (90 minutes away).

Rental cars are available as an option but not necessary once in Telluride, so van services are recommended.

If you’re flying out Sunday or Monday, Ridgway is a good location from which to launch your return journey home (it’s only 30 minutes from airport rather than 90).

If you are arriving on a Wednesday night flight, Ridgway options or a Montrose airport area hotel are also good options before ascending to 8750’.  

Once Registered for Hemp Invest Fest:

Booked your flight?  Reserved your Telluride accommodations for Thursday and Friday? Now…

Suggestion for dinner on Thursday night – Join us at the Chop House Restaurant

Please make and confirm your reservation


 Hope you’ll find your way to 8750′ ft for an epic weekend!

Note on altitude: be prepared for elevation change by taking precautions:

Stay hydrated. Move slower. Stay hydrated – water is best.