Want to incorporate CBD into your everyday routine, including what you cook, make, and eat? MindBodyGreen’s Gretchen Lidiker has written a new guidebook to what’s best about cannabidiol, diving into the science as well as giving us 50 fun ways to use CBD – everything from bath bombs to healthier chocolate chip cookies.

“I like to eat CBD in snack form for a daily dose of anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant benefits,” Lidicker shared. “If I’m having acute pain or stress or anxiety, I put a few drops of CBD oil under my tongue so it can be absorbed directly into my bloodstream.”

Try this recipe with Bodē Wellness Extract 1500. Lidicker calls for 150 mg of CBD oil. Six drops of our MCT organic full-spectrum oil = approximately 10mg. Thus use 90 drops or approximately 3 filled droppers.

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