Marina Trujillo
A State of Balance

By April Streeter

Visual artist Marina Trujillo’s paintings and fiber artworks are soft yet vivid, intricately alive and also with a deeply calming power. In her art and in her life, Marina believes and explores this balance, and she believes in the intelligence and healing power and potential of the body. In her own experiences dealing with physical pain as well as emotional tumult, she says Bodē Wellness Relief Balm and Extract 1500 are true and reliable supports for the homeostasis and balance humans seek.

“I’ve always had a difficult time with cannabis, and then a friend recommended I try CBD.”

“I have a pretty sensitive system,” Marina says. “I’ve always had a difficult time with cannabis, and then a friend recommended I try CBD. But I knew I couldn’t and didn’t want to have any hallucinogenic or psychoactive experiences.”

Her first trial of CBD was with a vape pen, and she was amazed by the anxiety relief and stress relief she experienced. “I am a big user of medicinal herbs and it was a beautiful experience to feel my body relax and feel like I had discovered a really strong plant friend.”

First Encounters

Marina met Bodē Wellness founder Bodē Loebel at the Tribal Vision 2018 gathering in the art-friendly town of Taos, New Mexico, where she was living and working. Bodē’s passion and his dedication to organic production and low-impact processing impressed her. Yet it was more recently that Marina has begun to fully realize the difference in quality and efficacy that makes her a dedicated Bodē Wellness proponent.

Marina and her partner made a move from Taos, where she had been inspired to create a series of artworks as a resident at the Parse Seco experimental creative space, back to her hometown of Seattle. She uses the Bodē Wellness Relief Balm for after-exercise aches and pains and for some joint pain related to injuries from a bike accident that sometimes become aggravated and inflamed. 
“It’s instant relief,” she says. “It’s so great for muscular pains and some joint pains. I also use the Relief Balm – sparingly – on some acupressure spots on my face and it is relaxing and stress-reducing with a little self-massage.”

With the stress and strain of adjusting to the move back to Seattle and a completely different climate and living circumstance, however, the Extract 1500 has also become indispensable.

“It’s been a transitional time,” she says. “And in the change from the desert to the city – using Bodē Wellness CBD Extract in the moments of stress is really powerful.”

Marina’s regular dosing is a few drops in the morning and evening. On days with rising stress, she adds interim few-drop doses.

“I feel its healing effects and never anything negative,” she says. In a period when cost was of greatest concern, Marina did try other CBD brands. “I’ve tried different CBD products and Bodē’s is the most powerful and effective that I’ve found,” she adds. “I never spend a ton of money [on herbal supplements] but with this I’m committed because the effects are so profound for me.”

Paying it Forward

As she continues to pursue the tight-budget artist’s lifestyle, Marina says she feels consistency of use of the Extract 1500 is ‘nourishing’ her ability to consistently come back to balance. The fact that Bodē Wellness is a small company dedicated to continuing with quality in hemp growing, hemp processing, and product formulation aligns with a shared value of Marina’s.

“I wholeheartedly want to support small businesses trying to do things in the right way, working in a kind and loving manner with the earth. I see that dedication to compassionate and sustainable production in Bodē’s products.”

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