Our Story

I call myself Bodē. This is the story of my path to wellness.

It began for me back in 1995, when I was prescribed lithium to help with mental health challenges. And lithium helped, for a time.

Yet, as with so many pharmaceutical drugs, there were downsides. Side effects. Unintended consequences.  I wasn’t really getting well as much as I was surviving.

Whenever any of us fall into ‘dis-ease’ there’s the hope for a magic bullet – something simple that we can take or do that will bring us back to homeostasis, or balance.

I tried various pharmaceutical combinations over the years, tried quitting lithium cold turkey, then went back.

Three years ago, in part prompted by other life changes, I decided to try to wean myself gradually from lithium. I knew I needed to be careful, to appreciate small steps, and to realize that wellness is a journey rather than a static destination.

Usually to get to a place where we feel well, there are a number of things we must do, and finding that right combination is key.

Finding out about, and then experiencing the power of full-spectrum hemp extract was a huge piece of the wellness puzzle for me. I’m convinced that used as intended, hemp is a force for positive change.

I started Bodē Wellness LLC to help grow the hemp industry and with the intent to empower more people with this boundless plant energy.

I have a vision to help support hemp farmers and generate an industry that is grown, and cooperatively owned, by real people just as dedicated to a healthy world as I am.

I strive to bring the highest quality ingredients into the Bodē line of products, including hemp extract grown in organic soil on Colorado farms. To this full-spectrum hemp extract we add organic healthy oils and healing herbs -plant medicals that help us maintain balance within ourselves.

Bodē Wellness invites you to be well, to find your balance. We offer inspirational products to help you feel and be your best. Things tend to bode well when we use plant energy to heal ourselves.  And things bode well when we focus on how we can serve rather than solely on how we can gain for ourselves.

That’s my story. And now that you are interacting with me through Bodē Wellness we are part of each other’s stories, too.

The invitation here and on our social media sites is for you to join in, and once you know the products and their benefits that you share your story and that you find ways to share this potent plant medicine with others who can benefit.


Sharing the Love,




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