Patrick Peters
Mastering Moderation

By April Streeter

Stress and anxiety are present in almost every modern life, regardless of how perfect it appears. Patrick Peters, a data analytics executive and startup mentor living with his wife and children on a horse farm outside of Dallas, doesn’t claim to have a supremely stressful life. Just the normal, everyday pressures, that each of us face.

Layered on top of the normal stress of running a business and raising a family, is the fact that one of Patrick’s children deals with a chronic illness.

“You have to be available and present all the time,” he says. “There’s the long term battle with her disease, but also a lot of daily hand-to-hand parenting combat.”

Patrick says the huge amount of recent press coverage of cannabidiol (CBD) put ideas of how full-spectrum hemp can aid stress management ‘in the air’. He himself found out about Bodē Wellness products through New Yorker coverage of Bodē in 2017.

Patrick decided to give Extract 250 a try. He says having the graduated dropper is key to what he considers perfect micro-dosing throughout the day.

“Bode’s CBD (without THC) is something that can fit into my normal life.”

“The important thing for me and the reason I gave it a whirl was to try to help manage stress and anxiety,” he says. “If you are under a lot of stress or suffer from anxiety, anything that looks like it might help and is not a prescription, not a drug regimen, is welcome.”

Patrick found Bodē Wellness Extract 250 removes negative effects of normal stress without any ‘high’. “You are surprised that you don’t feel inebriated. There are a lot of very buttoned-up people in my world, including me,” he says. “You’d be surprised at how many of them are using or are interested in CBD products once the conversation begins. Bode’s CBD (without THC) is something that can fit into my normal life.” Patrick takes a .25mg dose of the Extract 250 in the early part of the day, and may take one or possibly two similar doses over the course of the rest of the day.

“There was an immediate positive,” he says. “I’m less stressed, less anxious, and a little more focused.” With this successful, small dose strategy, Patrick says he tried seeing what effects larger doses might have. “I was interested in trying to find the edge where I can feel the effect but I am able to manage it,” he says. “I said to myself, ‘I think I’ll take a little more.’ When I did, I just got sleepy. So now I know my dose limit.”

Patrick is also pleased that after months of using the Extract 250 there’s no ‘wear-in’ or need to increase the dose due to tolerance.

He says the effects have been uniform and positive, and that dependability of Bodē’s extracts have made him a devoted customer.

“I see and feel a documentable impact, it’s not just psychosomatic. I react differently, and feel differently,” he says.

Though Patrick understands that for steady use Extract 1500 at just about 10 cents per milligram is the most economically efficient way to dose, he’s happy with Extract 250.

“I’m pretty swamped in my life, and I don’t want to have to figure out anything additional,” he says. “I’ve got a routine with Extract 250 that I know works, and I don’t want to mess with it.”

Patrick also has found a favorite once-in-awhile combo – a small, single .25 dose of Extract 250 with a second cup of morning coffee. “That really makes me very happy,” he says. And, it jives with one of his mottoes:

“Moderation in all things, including moderation.”

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