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Share the Love Program: Be a Wellness Distributor

Become A Distributor!

Share the Love! program allows you to receive when you give to others. Isn’t that how life works best?

Sharing Bodē Wellness products is a gratifying and effective way to propagate loving self-care and serve others as well. Sharing is caring: care for yourself and those you care about.

Interested in being a distributor?

The Bode Wellness line works amazingly well in salons, spas, or any shops focused on beauty and wellness. There’s also an opportunity for individuals to be entrepreneurial in their communities. For retail distribution, please

email [email protected]

Share the Love Program: Affiliate Sampler Kit

Become a Bodē Wellness distributor and begin to Share the Love!

The low initial investment, flexibility, and opportunity to earn commission makes our Share the Love! program an attractive method for enjoying the Bodē product line yourself and for your friends and family.

A $300 initial investment gives you the entire Bodē line (a $526 value), and includes:

1 1500mg Extract

1 250mg Extract

1 Relief Balm 1oz

1 Relieve Balm 2oz

1 Body Butter 2oz Unscented

1 Body Butter 2oz Lemongrass 

1 Facial Serum

1 Pre-packaged sampler kit with sample jars and brochures (includes 20 plastic jars, 20 brochures, and 20 stickers) 

Once you’ve completed the easy application, we’ll send you supporting information on our products and continue to support you through materials and training available through our affiliate program pages. Join us and Share the Love!

Become A Distributor